Stock Throughput 

Coverage Highlights

What is Stock Throughput insurance?

  • Stock Throughput Insurance is property insurance that covers raw stock, stock in progress, and finished products / inventory of the insured while stored, in process, or in transit to the end customer.

Approved Classifications

  • Cultivators (Indoor and Greenhouses)
  • Processors / Harvesters
  • Manufacturers of cannabis products and equipment
  • Wholesaler / Distributors

Coverage Includes

Combined Coverage

  • STP Combines the risks of Storing, Processing, Packaging, and Transporting Stock / Inventory coverage into one cover form, providing protection seamlessly, from seed to sale.

Selling Price Valuation

  • Valuing Stock / Inventory at the Selling Price enables the insured to be indemnified for the time lost at each point of processing.  This coverage would include the Business Interruption for the time it took to process the product all the way up to the point loss was sustained.

Simplified Claims Processing

  • No more consulting multiple carriers in the case of a loss to the insured’s inventory.  No matter where the loss occurs, you call one place to handle all of your questions.

“All Risks” Basis

  • Our Stock Throughput Insurance is written on an “All Risks” basis, subject to several standard Institute Marine Cargo Clauses being used by all trading / commodities sectors throughout the US and the World.

Government or Federal Inspection / Action Replacement of Property

  • $25,000
  • $50,000

Deductible Options